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Premises Liability

A Premises Liability Attorney can Help You Recover Damages

Utah premises liability laws hold property owners responsible for injuries caused by hazards on their property. If you or a family member were hurt because of unsafe conditions in a store, home, business, or public venue, you need the help of an experienced premises liability attorney. The attorneys at Flickinger Sutterfield & Boultonin Provo, UT, practice personal injury law, assisting victims of all types of accidents.

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A Premises Liability Attorney can Help You Recover Damages

Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability laws apply to the owner or caretaker of a private home, a park, a hotel or a school — any place where an individual or the public is invited. In a premises liability case, it must be shown that an injury resulted from negligence, meaning that the owner or property manager knew or should have known about a hazard, and did nothing to safeguard the visitor. At the very least, if a hazard cannot be eliminated, adequate warnings must be posted. The law holds that even trespassers are entitled to warning about an obvious hazard.

There are a variety of accidents that can trigger a premises liability lawsuit. Some of the more common accidents include:

  • Slip and Fall – A walkway containing a hazard, such as spilled liquid or debris, can be an accident waiting to happen. Slip and falls are the most common type of injury accident, and though many cause minor scrapes and sprains, some can prove catastrophic or even fatal.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – A malfunctioning heater can emit odorless carbon monoxide gas that can prove deadly when inhaled for a sustained period of time. These accidents are common in cold weather months, especially in older apartment buildings.
  • Dog Bites – Dog attacks can cause severe, disfiguring injury, and children are frequent victims. Dogs known to be dangerous must be properly penned or leashed to avoid attacking a visitor or passerby.
  • Drowning – Water is considered an “attractive nuisance” to children, and pools are expected to be properly fenced and gated.
  • Parking Area Crime – When a business is known to be in a high crime area, the parking lot should be secure and well lit. Victims of violent crime in parking areas may have a premises liability case.
  • Firearm Accidents – Unfortunately, accidents involving firearms occur all too frequently. Although many specifics shape these cases, property owners may be held responsible for accidental shootings. 

Our attorneys ask clients to focus on healing and recuperation while we handle the insurance claims and legal matters.

Legal Help for Injury

A serious injury or wrongful death has long-term repercussions. In many cases, life for the injured party or family will never be the same. When negligence is to blame, it is reasonable to expect reimbursement and compensation for injuries and losses.

Our attorneys ask clients to focus on healing and recuperation while we handle the insurance claims and legal matters. We work diligently to gather evidence and establish your damages, providing the type of legal assistance we would want for our own family.