We hope you never find yourself the victim of an automobile, motorcycle, truck, or facilities accident. But if you do, it’s crucial that you take the correct steps to make your repayment and recovery possible. Though the aftermath of an accident can be chaotic, careful action can prevent future loss. One way to keep yourself safe and protected is to get an independent medical exam immediately following the accident, no matter what.

The Utah Injury Lawyers have extensive experience with accidents, insurance companies, compensation, and restitution cases. What we’ve learned can help you navigate the scary situation of an accident as well as protect your future, and today we’re telling you everything you need to know about medical exams following an accident.

Medical Treatment following an Accident

Even if the accident you incur is a simple fender bender or you walk away unscathed, it’s important to have a medical professional check you over. Adrenaline and shock can often disguise or minimize injuries, which then manifest over coming days and weeks. Getting a doctor to confirm injuries or health is critical to insurance claims and future health and happiness. If only for peace of mind, you should see your trusted medical professional following an accident of any kind.

What is an Independent Medical Exam?

Occasionally, insurance companies will request an independent medical exam. This means the insurance company wants your injury to be confirmed by a medical professional who has no stake in your claim for insurance or payment purposes. Often an independent medical exam is requested when your physical condition is controversial or disputed. Confirmation by an unbiased third party can dispel or distill confidence in your medical claim and affect your payout from the insurance company.

Do I Need an Independent Medical Exam?

We understand that following an accident you don’t want or need more steps to complete before getting the insurance payout you are due. Going to see yet another doctor, and one you don’t know is an additional hassle and indicates a lack of trust. In some cases, the independent medical exam is required or merited, but the only way to know for sure is through hiring an expert injury lawyer.

Your Utah Injury Lawyer can help represent you and your interests, citing insurance laws and procedures to help your case. If the independent medical exam is not warranted, we can defend and push back to fast track your insurance payout without any more bureaucratic hoops to jump through. If an independent medical exam is merited after your accident, we can advise and guide you to help the exam go as smoothly as possible to get your insurance compensation efficiently.

In all cases of accident injuries, we urge you to seek medical care and carefully document all the aftermath of your accident. Carefully managing your care and rebuilding can be facilitated by our expert attorneys who specialize in injury insurance law. Utah Injury Lawyers are ready to help you get what you deserve.