Owning a motorcycle is a thrilling passport to freedom. There’s no better way to experience nature, fresh air, and the open road than on a motorcycle cruising through the country.

For others, it’s the speed factor that really makes a motorcycle the appealing choice. Small size and fuel economy can be important factors, as well, making motorcycles a smart choice for certain circumstances. Even if you don’t own a motorcycle yourself, it’s probably not difficult to understand just why so many people love to drive motorcycles.

Unfortunately, the reality of driving a motorcycle is that it’s more dangerous than a traditional automobile. Motorcycles are smaller, harder to see, and offer less protection on the roads.

Motorcycle drivers can amplify the danger by traveling too fast or failing to wear a protective helmet. But even the safest drivers will find that there is a significant risk of driving a motorcycle. Utah Injury Lawyers are sharing the 5 most common types of motorcycle accidents, and how we can help you.

1. Head-On Collision

Almost ¾ of all motorcycle accidents take place in head-on collisions. This often happens on winding roads, two-lane roads, and in construction where lines aren’t clearly visible. The impact is extreme and these type of accidents can cause serious injury and even death.

2. Lane Splitting

This form of motorcycle accident comes when a motorcyclist chooses lane splitting, which is driving between two lanes of stopped or slowed traffic. Lane splitting is against the law in most US states, but you’ll see it almost every time there is stopped or slow traffic. The problem is drivers don’t anticipate a motorcycle speeding past their car, so they may change lanes or shift a tiny bit causing a motorcycle accident. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident where there was lane splitting, it is illegal and we can help you.

3. Bullet Bike Wrecks

Sport bikes, high-performance bikes, or bullet bikes are all names for motorcycles designed for speed and maneuvering. Motorcyclists who are driving a high-performance bullet bike are four times more likely to die by a motorcycle accident. Losing control of a bullet bike can be devastating and deadly.

4. Irregular Road Hazards

Gravel and potholes are merely annoying for a standard automobile, but for a motorcycle, they can be destructive. Motorcycles are smaller and lighter which makes them more susceptible to adverse road conditions. If you’ve been in an accident due to a poorly kept roadway, or other road conditions beyond your control that caused a motorcycle accident there may be help for you with Utah Injury Lawyers.

5. Speed

Even if you’re not driving a high-performance motorcycle, speed can cause major problems for a motorcyclist. Speed increases the impact of a collision, as well as decreasing your visibility and reaction time. Slow down to the speed limit, or well below it in the case of poor conditions such as rain or fog.

If you find yourself the victim of a motorcycle crash, Utah Injury Lawyers can help get you the insurance payout and financial compensation you deserve.