We spend so much time in our cars that they’re basically our home away from home. Our vehicles help us get where we need to go, but they can also be a safe haven of comfort and assistance when we need it. What happens when you get sick on a road trip, or your son’s game has a rain delay, or heaven forbid you find yourself the victim of an automobile accident? Your car can be a resource that keeps you safe and happy.

At Utah Injury Lawyers we deal with car accidents and other unforeseen situations a lot, so today we’re sharing the 10 things you should always keep in your car which will help you be prepared for anything and everything.

1. Water. It seems simple, but water is one of the hardest things to find if you end up stranded somewhere. Keep a gallon of water stashed in your trunk for an emergency.

2. Toilet Paper. A roll of toilet paper doesn’t take up much room, but it’s the kind of thing you don’t want to wish you had brought along.

3. Phone Chargers. It’s a terrible feeling to realize that your car won’t start or that you were just involved in an accident and your phone is dead. Keep a phone charger in your car, and consider an external battery or hand-crank charger for emergencies.

4. Insurance Information. In the event of a car accident, you’ll need all of your insurance information, your driver’s license, and your personal information. Keeping your insurance information with a business card or two in a Ziploc bag in your glove box can help you be prepared if you end up in a car accident.

5. First Aid Kit. Just in case you sustain an injury in a car accident, get hurt camping, or need to bandage a scraped knee at the playground, it’s always a good idea to keep a small first aid kit in your car. You can buy tiny premade first aid kits almost anywhere.

6. Jumper Cables. You will be able to turn your own bad day around or become a knight in shining armor for someone else if you keep jumper cables in your trunk. Learn how to use them (it’s easy!) and stash them for a bad day.

7. A Map. You may think you know your state pretty well, but if you need to find your way home with no cell service you’ll be glad you packed one along. Maps are especially useful if you’re traveling somewhere new.

8. Garbage Bags. When you fold up a few garbage bags they can tuck easily into your glove box or a side pocket. Having garbage bags accessible helps you keep your car clean and prevent litter.

9. Food. We don’t just mean a pit stop at a well-stocked gas station before a long drive. Keep some non-perishable food in your car for emergencies, such as protein bars, peanut butter, and crackers.

10. Seasonal Protection. What happens if you get in a car accident on a snowy January night and have to wait outside your car for the police and tow trucks? Do you have a coat, gloves, and hat? What if you’re stuck in your car with no AC in the middle of July? Do you have sunscreen and a small fan? Adding a few of these items can help you survive the aftermath of a car accident more comfortably.

We hope you’ll never need to use any of these emergency supplies, but if you do find yourself injured in a car accident we stand ready to help. Call Utah Injury Lawyers right away!